Not every company project is successful. Good leaders remember to celebrate progress made and help their teams gain perspective about the bigger picture, according to a recent posting on the Lets Grow Leaders blog.

On the surface, it may seem strange to celebrate progress when a team wasn’t able to complete a project as envisioned. But the blog item argues for doing just that in order to inspire ultimate success.

“When you’re so far away from your goal, it can feel silly to celebrate anything, but that may be exactly what your team needs to regain their mojo,” the blog posting asserts. “Setting milestone goals and incremental wins can inspire renewed confidence.”

Perspective in the face of a project setback is also important to ensure that team sticks with you and is ready for the next challenge, according to the blog item.

“Just because you didn’t make your goal doesn’t mean your whole life is a wreck,” the blog item states. “Help your team keep perspective on what matters most in their lives.”

The full posting – “How to Encourage Your Team When Results Are Disappointing” – can be accessed at this link.

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