Sometimes silence can go a long way toward helping leaders support their teams.

A recent posting with the Random Acts of Leadership blog argues that silence can actually be a very effective strategy for leaders seeking to motivate their teams to get things done.

A supportive gaze from across the room as employees speak up during a meeting, for example, can go a long way. That gaze can say a lot, according to the posting, “letting them know that you know it is taking every ounce of courage for them to speak their mind right now.”

There’s a variation to that, standing in the back of the room as someone takes the floor to speak publicly for the first time. That silent gesture can speak volumes, while the executive stands attentively and nods with approval toward the speaker. By doing so, an executive communicates support, the posting asserts.

Another silent gesture: quieting an interruption or distraction in a meeting led by someone else, so he or she can continue with the meeting without any further distractions.

The full posting – “The Power of Silence as a Strategy for Leadership” – can be accessed at this link.

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