Take a walk, particularly a nature walk. That endeavor can help executives improve their cognitive skills, a recent guest posting with Suzi McAlpine’s “The Art of Leadership Blog” asserts.

The guest author – leadership expert Tanveer Naseer – writes that a walk outside, ideally in nature, can help a leader reduce stress and anxiety and improve blood pressure. But more importantly, walking in nature (a forest, even) can boost the ability to process information and make decisions.

Specifically, the posting, citing research from the University of London and the University of California, notes that nature walks can help improve problem-solving and the ability to focus.

“Clearly, these are two cognitive skills you want to have firing on all cylinders if you’re going to be effective in your scheduled thinking time,” Naseer writes.

The full posting is “3 Simple Steps Leaders Can Take to Improve Their Thinking Skills,” and it can be accessed at this link.