In the workplace, a sense of duty is one thing. Passion may be more valuable quality to strive for, however, for employees and the executives who supervise them.

A recent posting at the Chief Happiness Officer Blog asserts that being passionate about the work you do makes you happier in both work and life, but also more likely to succeed at accomplishing tasks and goals.

Passion fuels the drive to succeed, after all. Taken further, that passion about work can help an individual, a manager or a team create a better world, according to the posting.

The reason why? Passion helps employees and managers make sure “hat all of your professional skill and energy is spent in the service of something that you can clearly see is making the world a better place, rather than in just obtaining a pay check or career advancement.”

The full posting – “Should You Seek Passion or Duty at Work? (Pssst: The Answer Is Passion).” – can be accessed at this link.