Nearly everyone in corporate America contemplates asking for a raise at some point in their careers.

Some people pull back from asking for more money, however, wary of how a supervisor or CEO might respond. After all, asking for more money can be awkward and come across poorly if not done right.

GenTwenty, a blog geared toward helping twenty-somethings achieve their goals, argues in a recent posting that an employee hoping to move up the corporate ladder gains plenty by talking with colleagues about what they are paid in advance of annual review where a raise might come up.

“Talking casually with your co-workers about salary can help you to feel much more confident in negotiating salary increases,” the blog posting points out. “Salary negotiation is intimidating and nerve-wracking, but if you have a greater understanding of how your company compensates various roles, you can feel much better going into your negotiation head on.

The full blog posting – “6 Reasons to Talk About Your Salary” – can be accessed at this link.