How has the pandemic changed you personally? As a leader?

How will it change your company?

How should the industry plan to respond to future pandemics?

Carrier Management asked carrier, reinsurance and InsurTech leaders to tell us how they’ve changed and what’s ahead. More than a dozen provided answers, writing their thoughts down in late May 2020.

(Editor’s Note: Some leaders’ titles have changed since May 2020. Bob O’Leary is now Chair of Philadelphia Insurance, having stepped down as CEO in January 2021. Dan Malloy is now President, Global Distribution for SiriusPoint)

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We must acknowledge our own fears too, as we are also concerned with loved ones at risk.

Tony Kuczinski President and CEO, Munich Re US Holding

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I have been forced to become a more patient person. Things will get done-just not as timely as in the past.

Bob O’Leary Chair and CEO, Philadelphia Insurance Companies

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Personally, I have been reinvigorated by the business challenges COVID has created. I am at my best when I am solving problems, so I wake up every morning obsessed with figuring out how to make the most of the incredible talent that surrounds me at Root.

Alex Timm Co-Founder and CEO, Root Insurance

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We may take the attitude that new clients will need to earn our trust. This may turn out to be a benefit-to assess a risk without the human element.

Dan Malloy CEO, Third Point Re

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Eating lunches or taking quick breaks with co-workers are routines that most of us count on, and for some, the loss of these can create anxiety and stress.

Matthew Mosher CEO and President, AM Best Rating Services

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We're seeing each other through a different lens and, I believe, that's strengthening our relationships. Even though we can't be together, we're getting closer.

Scott Gunter CEO, AXA XL

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I see this time of enforced 'virtual reality' as a gift. We have more opportunity than ever to 'show versus tell' our customers and employees that we were built for this, we care-and they can be certain we will be there for them.

Phil Kalin President and CEO, Pinnacol Assurance

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Flexing into this new normal will require the same transparent, decisive and flexible leadership that governed the first step in the industry's pandemic response.

Mitch Livingston President and CEO, NJM Insurance Company

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I've watched the view outside a window in my home office. Quietly, it has prompted self-reflection. It has helped me slow down and think about my decisions and priorities.

Craig Welsh Chief Distribution Officer, Westfield

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In the future, when we do have face-to-face meetings, they will assume a far higher importance than previously.

Martin Micko Founder and COO, omni:US

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Addressing the pandemic challenges has prompted exceptional cross-functional collaboration between every aspect of operations among insurers and their partners-from global service and delivery resources to IT infrastructure support, and from facilities management groups to human resources personnel.

Arun Balakrishnan CEO, Xceedance

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My mantra to myself and other entrepreneurs is: Pace yourself, recover, stay active and embrace your routine.

Jay Bregman CEO and Co-Founder, Thimble

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Insurance companies are going to be dealing with many shell-shocked customers...There's an onus on the industry to be a little less transactional moving forward and to recognize how much people and businesses have been through.

Guy Goldstein CEO and Co-Founder, Next Insurance