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This article is part of a series written by leaders in property/casualty insurance and reinsurance sector describing how the pandemic has changed them personally as leaders and how it is changing their companies.

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Personally, my experience at a startup in 2008 taught me that in times of disaster there is a huge premium on both capital and clarity. The capital you have available may be beyond your control based on where your business happens to be in the funding cycle when the world tweaks. But clarity is always in your control.

“My mantra to myself and other entrepreneurs is: Pace yourself, recover, stay active and embrace your routine.”

My mantra to myself and other entrepreneurs right now is: Pace yourself, recover, stay active and embrace your routine.

As a company, we’ve made some major adjustments since the pandemic. For starters, we’ve embraced a fully remote workplace and have no plans to return to the office. That might sound crazy for an insurance company—but Thimble is unique because we are the only fully automated purchase process in small business insurance. No phone operators, no phone number.

In my view, a fully remote culture cements and expands our advantage over traditional providers.

That said, we’re doing extra to keep the camaraderie up—like virtual trivia every Friday, or “virtual trips” as a team, like a recent aquarium visit.