I have heard a number of business leaders across the country discussing the early days of the COVID-19 response and their experience with continuing operations while protecting the health and safety of their staff. Each leader described a workplace that began with modest adjustments but soon transformed the very foundation on which work is done. Our story is no different.

Here at NJM, our focus has consistently been on the health and safety of our staff while we continue our 107-year commitment to serving the needs of our policyholders. We began March by educating our staff on the need to socially distance and regularly wash hands. Just one week later, we closed two of our three New Jersey offices, sent the vast majority of our 2,500 employees home, and arranged for 92 percent of staff to connect to our systems from their new home offices. As I write this in mid-May, we are operating almost exclusively through telecommuting, with just 50 essential employees reporting to our West Trenton office.

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