One of my team talked about resilience and courage being key words to describe the way our business has dealt with the new realities of a COVID-19 world. These are words I equate with the men and women at the front line during the crisis: the doctors, the nurses, the checkout people at the grocery store, the police—the long list of essential services workers who are helping us all pull through.

The word that jumped into my mind first was adaptability. We are in a relatively comfortable position in our industry. Most of us are on full salaries, and we have the technology to keep on functioning every day from our homes. Added to that, unlike a great many other industries, the insurance and reinsurance sectors are still able to carry on doing business. But during the last few months, I’ve seen my colleagues, like first responders, demonstrate resilience and courage as their personal and professional lives have been altered and intermingled in a way no one could have envisioned a few months ago.

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