Let’s start with the normal distribution curve.

Executive Summary

Don't be stuck in a binary belief system of always or never. Such extremism divides us as people, teams and organizations, writes CM Guest Editor Don Bailey. Instead, we need to find the gray area by embracing intellectual humility, seeking different perspectives and finding common ground.

Have I lost you already?

Most of us know the normal distribution curve, also known as a bell curve. It sits on an x/y axis. It starts low, gradually rising up, hits an apex and then descends back down to the same low level where it began. The left-side tail and right-side tail are mirror images of each other. It looks like a lovely, single rolling hill. The normal distribution curve has three sections: the left tail, the fat middle and the right tail. The area under the normal distribution curve represents probability, and the total area under the curve sums to 1.

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