Executives of property/casualty insurance companies are not always eager to share their ideas. Words ranging from “proprietary” to “secret sauce” are usually spoken as their representatives politely decline requests to reveal what their companies are up to.

But when we reached out to two-dozen industry leaders, 16 took the time to share their thoughts on what we consider to be this year’s hot topic in P/C insurance: innovation.

How does your company support innovation? What have your efforts created? And what stands in your way?

Those are just a few of the questions that these leaders—11 carrier representatives (including seven carrier chief executives) and five providers or P/C insurance services (brokerage, modeling and consulting)—fielded as they described strategy games, an Innovation Garage, an analysis of the human brain and just plain “safe environments” in which to cultivate new ideas.

Pictured below are the 16 leaders who answered one or all of our 11 questions.

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