Every year, wildfire risk looms over the western United States. California, in particular, dominates in exposure and costs to rebuild. CoreLogic analysis finds that the more than 240,000 California homes at extreme risk of wildfire cost nearly $93 billion to rebuild. Insurers face numerous challenges managing portfolio risk in California and beyond, and the first step to better decision-making is to understand the wildfire risk landscape.

The CoreLogic 2019 Wildfire Risk Report features analysis of single-family and multifamily residential properties in the 13 western states at risk of damage from wildfires. Using its proprietary wildfire risk modeling tools and parcel database, CoreLogic outlines the number of properties from low to extreme risk of wildfire damage, as well as the associated reconstruction costs of those properties. Download the report to view insights like the top 15 metro areas for risk and see lessons learned from recent wildfires like Tubbs, Camp and Woolsey Fires.

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