Allstate is a leader in adopting telematics, according to IoT Insurance Observatory data indicating that the company has over 2 million continuous connections across all programs, representing almost 10 percent of cars currently connected with an auto insurer at a global level.

Executive Summary

Active customer engagement complete with service offerings and incentives to promote safer driving are hallmarks of Allstate's Drivewise and Milewise telematics programs, which ultimately benefit society overall and the insurer as well. Here, Allstate VP David MacInnis and CM Guest Editor Matteo Carbone describe Allstate's journey to build an auto insurer of the future and highlight a key driver that makes or breaks acceptance of telematics technology and data-driven services: value sharing with customers. Photo from Allstate

Getting to this point started with a vision and a core belief that data and analytics will drive the future of transportation. Allstate’s goal is to protect customers, and the company has invested in telematics to adapt to customer needs, delivering value by redesigning products to be less complicated, more accessible and affordable.

Allstate’s approach to telematics has been to use driver behavior data responsibly. Current products—Drivewise and Milewise—aim to make roads safer by helping customers identify and understand safe driving habits while also giving customers more control and transparency over auto insurance rates.

This vision has guided a 10-year journey of progressively developing Allstate’s telematics competency:

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