Newly released analysis indicates Allstate customers who chose to opt into their telematics driver safety app, Drivewise, were found to be 25 percent less likely to be involved in a serious collision.

Drivewise is an optional, usage-based insurance application. Customers may sign up for the feature through the Allstate app to potentially save money while also receiving feedback on their driving behavior.

Driving behavior research indicates that customers using the app were less likely to use their phones while driving, were less likely to speed and were less likely to brake hard than other drivers, by as much as 44 percent, according to Allstate and mobility data and analytics company Arity.

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Among the 100 most populous urban areas in the U.S., statistics comparing average Drivewise customers to other connected drivers found Drivewise customers:

  • Handle their phones 44 percent less while driving.
  • Spend 23 percent less of their driving distance traveling at high speed.
  • Have an 11 percent lower rate of hard braking.

“We offer customers the choice to pay a rate based on their driving,” said Ginger Purgatorio, executive vice president at Allstate. “We find that when customers choose to use Drivewise on their Allstate mobile app, they tend to drive safer. And those who drive safer not only get in fewer accidents but also can save money on their auto insurance.”

Additional findings related to Allstate’s America’s Best Driver’s Report will be released later this year.