The Travelers Companies Inc. is expanding its telematics auto insurance offerings with the launch of IntelliDrivePlus, an app-based program that calculates a new premium at each renewal by measuring miles driven and driving behaviors such as braking, acceleration, speed, time of day and distraction.

Customers who choose IntelliDrivePlus could earn an enrollment discount of up to 12 percent for their first policy term. At renewal, safe driving habits can lead to savings of up to 30 percent, plus additional savings potential if you are a low-mileage driver or drive less over time. However, Travelers notes that riskier driving habits and higher mileage can lead to higher premiums.

Other insurers provide similar pay-per-mile insurance options:

Allstate offers two telematics programs. Drivewise aims to make roads safer by helping customers identify and understand safe driving habits. Milewise allows customers to pay based on how much they drive, offering both a daily rate and a per-mile rate.

Nationwide offers SmartMiles, a pay-per-mile program that can be customized for multi-car households and includes a road trip exception.

InsurTech Metromile offers pay-per-mile insurance that also considers driver behavior, such as speeding, road type and time of day driving.

The app builds on Travelers’ IntelliDrive program, launched in 2017, which calculates premium based on driving behaviors, excluding mileage, which are tracked over a 90-day period. In comparison, IntelliDrivePlus calculates a premium by assessing changes in driving behavior and mileage, which are captured over the life of the policy.

A map of the route taken during each trip, along with driving performance to date, is also available for review after each trip. But location information collected in the app is not used to determine the auto insurance rate, Travelers says.

“Our original telematics program, IntelliDrive, grew by 50 percent during the last year, making it clear that consumers are increasingly comfortable with pricing that reflects their driving behaviors,” said Michael Klein, executive vice president and president of Personal Insurance at Travelers. “IntelliDrivePlus builds on that momentum and offers our customers even more options to personalize their insurance.”

IntelliDrivePlus is now available to customers in Arkansas, Nebraska and Ohio.