Executives might want to try harder to make sure their companies’ various silos communicate and work better together with each other.

That’s because poor “cross-functional collaboration” can lead to a company’s culture becoming less functional and outright dishonest, according to a blog posting earlier this year on the Harvard Business Review‘s web site.

The writer – Navalent co-founder and managing partner Ron Carucci – said that silos can prevent greater honesty and workplace efficiency.

“When cross-functional rivalry or unhealthy conflict is left unaddressed, an organization is 5.82 times more likely to have people withhold or distort truthful information,” Carucci writes. “Fragmentation, especially across divisional lines, creates dueling truths, resulting in one side having to prove they are right, and the other wrong.”

On the other hand, improving cross-departmental collaboration leads to better coordination between departments and more truthful behavior, according to the piece.

You can read Carucci’s full article – “4 Ways Lying Becomes the Norm at a Company – at this link.