Carrier Management’s top 10 2017 news stories involved some interesting industry developments.

AmTrust had some accounting issues, since resolved, that drew significant reader interest. Former AIG chairman Maurice “Hank” Greenberg admitted to wrongdoing in a longstanding New York fraud lawsuit, and AIG sought out a new leader, leaving readers immensely curious about who they’d choose (the ultimate choice: industry veteran Brian Duperreault).

Trend reports also drew significant attention, touching on areas including technology and automation, and predictions of a market correction in 2018. Leadership tips gained attention, too, along with a study that revealed insurance industry jobs are among the most stressful.

There was also this: Racist violence in Charlottesville, Va. Many carrier CEOs and executives felt strongly enough about what happened that they took the time to speak to their employees and others, reassuring their audiences that they valued diversity and inclusion, and rejected the hate on display during the Aug. 11-12 violence.

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