For Carrier Management‘s most popular features of 2017, one thing is clear: Our readers, confronted with major technological changes in the property/casualty industry, are trying to figure out what it all means.

The top 10 features compiled in the Dec. 27, 2017 newsletter look at artificial intelligence, telematics and more. These stories also consider the very future of the property/casualty industry, and offer readers some tips on what steps they can take to thrive with the coming changes.

While reader interests were drawn to technology and the future of the industry, readers also continued to look for basic tips on how to do their jobs better, from how to identify emotional intelligence in the hiring process, to the value of older workers in the insurance industry. A story on how to build productive underwriter/broker relationships was also a heavy readership draw.

Please take another look at the top 2017 features, as we ready for 2018 and more changes to come. If you subscribe to our newsletter you can read them in the Dec. 27 edition, or click on the links below.

The Top Carrier Management Features of 2017: