Triumph MotorcycleProgressive found that the average number of motorcycle insurance claims peaks in July, soaring 78 percent higher than in any other month, according to a review of its 2014 data.

Beyond July, however, the summer months are particularly risky for motorcycle customers, Progressive said.

Four of the top 10 days with the highest claims for its customers fell in June, according to the insurer. As well, the most motorcycle accidents land in June, July and August. Underscoring that point, Progressive noted that the top 5 days of the year with the most motorcycle claims landed on Saturdays throughout the summer.

The 2014 Progressive claims data also showed that there were more single-vehicle motorcycle claims than any other type. What’s more, there were more than the next three types put together, which include rear-end accidents, intersection accidents and stolen motorcycles.

Progressive said motorcycle rides should make sure they have essential coverage including bodily injury and property damage liability, comprehensive, collision, uninsured/underinsured motorist and roadside assistance.

Source: Progressive