Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has signed a bill that allows a property/casualty insurer to post policies and endorsements online and send a link via email to policyholders in lieu of providing a hard copy.

Brewer signed HB 2565, which also prohibits insurers from posting personal or privileged information.

Insurers will be required to mail a hard copy at no charge upon policyholder request. Insurers will also be required to send notices to the policyholder of any changes to the forms or endorsements and require notice of the right to a paper or electronic copy and how to access the information on the website.

Arizona follows Kansas and Oklahoma in approving new laws allowing the posting of policies online in 2013.

The move has the support of the insurer trade group, the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America.

According to PCI, which says the bill maintains consumer protections while giving policyholders a convenient way to access their coverage information online.

“This electronic access will be even more helpful to consumers following a catastrophic event when the paper copy is not reachable,” said Kelly Campbell, PCI’s vice president. “The digital age is changing how consumers conduct their personal business and this new law is just another way to use technology to make everyday life a little easier.”