For all good leaders, being aware of other people’s body language can be a very good skill to have.

Paying attention to body language can help an executive better understand an employee’s problem or concern, according to a recent posting at the How We Lead blog. In turn, a leader can ensure better outcomes in particular interactions by being mindful of his or her body language, making sure to communicate empathy or understanding.

How do you pay attention to body language?

“Listen with your eyes as well as your ears. Watch a person’s face and body movements,” the post recommends. “Are they avoiding eye contact? What about the tone of their voice – do you hear confidence, eagerness or perhaps irritation? Be aware of clues that their silent behaviors provide, while being sensitive to your own non verbal signals.”

Executives should be aware, for example, whether their body language is encouraging a conversation to continue or seeking to end it.

The full posting – “6 Practices That Will Make You a Better Listener – can be accessed at this link.

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