No one wants a boring job, but sometimes, executives and managers design them that way. When that happens, the risk is that employee engagement diminishes, performance declines and turnover increases.

That’s why bringing in job experts to help make a work position more interesting could be a good idea, researchers said in their article posted recently on the Harvard Business Review website.

In fact, leaders and others trained as organizational psychologists have often designed work that was more meaningful, the researchers found in their study. And meaningful job can make an employee more happy and productive, right?

“Economically and socially, well-designed work pays off,” they noted, pointing out that job-design experts are a key ingredient in making this happen much more than they used to be.

“Organizational psychology is one of the fastest growing professions in the U.S., with scholars in this field making an increasingly important mark on the business world,” they wrote. “We encourage organizations to draw on this form of expertise, and related forms, if poor work design is entrenched in their organization.”

The full Harvard Business Review piece – “Why Managers Design Jobs to Be More Boring Than They Need to Be” – can be found at this link.