Leadership development programs at companies are one thing. But they don’t have much staying power outside of the classroom unless executives plan for long-term implementation of the key ideas.

A recent blog posting from the Center for Creative Leadership urges executives to think about long-term implementation of concepts participants are exposed to in leadership development classes. By doing so, the organization can better develop its budding executives and supervisors, the posting by CCL executive Chris Dewar argues.

“Leadership development initiatives need to go far beyond the several days of the program itself. Initiatives are now often a 6- to 12-month journey rather than a one-off event,” the blog posting notes. “Be sure to plan for the preparation, engagement and application stages of the initiative.”

That means executives should be familiar with materials regarding leadership training programs and make space for junior executives who participate to focus on their learning and not day-to-day responsibilities. As well, the blog posting recommends executives follow up with participants to check on progress about implementing the program’s goals over time.

By doing so, investment in a leadership development program can be money well spent.

The full blog posting – “7 Factors Affecting the Success of Organizational Leadership Development” – can be accessed at this link.