Optimism and caring: These are two qualities of an effective leader worth considering. According to a recent blog posting from the Center for Creative Leadership, both are often key qualities of leaders who do well at their jobs.

Optimistic leaders are effective ones, in part because they have a hopeful and cheerful view of the world with an eye on the best possible outcome, the posting argues.

“Optimists see opportunities, possibilities and silver linings in every situation,” the blog posting notes. “They often contend that, with hard work, focus, resilience and a bit of luck, a positive outcome is possible. People are naturally drawn to leaders who are positive, upbeat and cheerful.”

Executives and other leaders who show empathy and naturally care about others, and are even nurturing, also tend to do their jobs well, according to the posting.

Caring means “seeing humans as the most important resource in an organization—and the resource with the most overall potential,” the posting states. “Leaders who are caring will likely be rewarded with cooperative and supportive behavior in return.”

The full posting – “What Are the Characteristics of a Good Leader?” – explores these and other leadership qualities, and can be accessed at this link.