Employees who feel unmotivated and disengaged are more likely to seek opportunities elsewhere. To combat this tendency, create a “feedback culture” to show employees that you care about their professional development, says a recent blog posting from the Association for Talent Development.

Helping employees enhance their skills and develop career goals is a powerful way to motivate your team, says Steffen Maier, co-founder of Impraise. He notes that even if you don’t have constructive feedback to give, simply acknowledging your employees’ work will make them feel valued, boosting productivity and improving retention rates.

How can you build a feedback culture?

  • Ask employees to provide you with feedback. Work to create an environment where employees feel comfortable reviewing your performance honestly and without fear. This will let employees know that you value their opinions while also providing the chance to improve your management skills.
  • Encourage employees to come to you for feedback, and make yourself available when they do. It’s best to give a mix of positive and constructive feedback and to present it as an opportunity for employees to reassess and hone their skills.
  • Promote peer-to-peer feedback. Learning to give and receive feedback will help employees improve their communication skills and build a greater sense of team spirit.

See the full blog post: “Steps You Need to Take Now to Build a Feedback Culture.”