top 10 charts list pop poll result and award winners chart rankiToday’s Carrier Management newsletter is the first of 2017. But before we look ahead, here’s a look back at our top 10 features of 2016.

These stories feature CEOs and executives giving invaluable leadership advice. There are tips on underwriting and analytics, and how to embrace Big Data and transformations involving technology and corporate reorganization.

One piece looks ahead at the likely emergence of climate change modeling. Another addresses the idea that a shorter workday might actually be more productive than a longer one.

This top 10 list may include stories from 2016, but they’re just as relevant and timely now. Check them out below, and Happy New Year!

The top 10 features of 2016:

  1. An Open Letter to My Younger Self: Leadership Tips and Career Advice
  2. The Underwriting Staffing Challenge: Recruitment Strategies for a Vanishing Talent Pool
  3. How to Thrive in the New Age of Underwriting
  4. Practical Tips for Disrupting Insurance Distribution
  5. Does Analytics Mark the End of Underwriter Influence?
  6. Chubb CFO Bancroft: Getting It Done
  7. AIG Commercial CEO Schimek: Transformation Will Be ‘Second to None’
  8. How to Use Big Data to Prevent Claims Instead of Paying Them
  9. Climate Change Modeling Is Closer Than You Think
  10. Why a Five-Hour Workday May Make Sense