Concept of leadership. Transparent ball with inscription leadership in a handWhat tools or tactics do you need to be an effective executive and leader?

That’s a question Carrier Management has tried to address in 2016 by highlighting approaches, in part, from experts of all stripes—CEOs, researchers and others with something to say who work both inside and outside the property/casualty insurance industry.

Through our own content or highlights from around the web, we’ve shown you how life lessons can shape good leaders and how today’s accomplished executives might advise their younger selves, knowing what they know now about running a company and leading a group of people on behalf of that enterprise.

We’ve shared insights about how the traditional model of leadership may not work for millennials, the demographic of young adults that leave some companies mystified, in terms of their wants and needs as employees, and how to motivate them.

We’ve also shared a few ideas about how to both nurture and keep your employees. (Hint: Train them to be leaders, too, and pay them accordingly.)

With all of this in mind, check out the links below to some of the leadership stories we’ve run in 2016. Give them a read, or reread, and see what the experts have to say.

2016 Leadership Lessons: