A recent study by research firm Brandon Hall Group found critical gaps in leadership training—specifically training targeted for midlevel managers. Here, Amy Fox, president, CEO and founder of Accelerated Business Results, a leader in innovative business learning solutions, lists three steps companies can take to help close the gap and improve leadership capabilities.

  • Improve Coaching: Managers often get so wrapped up in emails and texts that they forget to form a meaningful connection with their employees, says Fox. She suggests that managers train alongside employees to help create a connection. Fox notes that people want to have real conversations with their managers—to engage with them and have “authentic interaction.”
  • Spur Leadership Innovation: Fox says that “leaders are defined by their ability to achieve breakthroughs,” which can only happen with “discipline and systematic focus.” Leaders must be able to draw connections, innovate and overcome obstacles if they are going to push their teams to new heights, she says.
  • Build High-Performance Teams: Fox says that companies need to avoid a “one-off, check-the-box approach to training.” Training is an ongoing process, she says, and managers need to be informed what they need to do over time in order to make a sustainable change.

Source: Accelerated Business Results