A new survey of more than 1,000 full time workers finds that even though nearly half say their organizations value their life outside for work, nearly one-third of the employees put their work commitments ahead of family.

Companies can do more to foster a culture of well-being, according to Deloitte’s Workplace Pulse survey released in early December, which also found that roughly 33 percent of respondents do not feel comfortable taking personal time off or vacation days.

One contributing factor to the findings is the tone at the top, other survey results revealed.

While few employees say their chief executive officer has a big impact on their happiness at work (only 8 percent, in fact), almost half—44 percent—say that if they heard more about their CEO’s experience managing well-being, it would have a positive impact on their own feeling about their workplace.

In addition, nearly 40 percent of respondents say if they would feel more comfortable putting personnel commitments ahead of work obligations if they saw their direct managers (39 percent) and senior leadership (38 percent) doing so.

“These findings should serve as a wakeup call to organizations looking to retain and attract talent,” said Mike Preston, Chief Talent Officer, Deloitte LLP, in a statement about the survey. “Organizations are investing in more and more benefits and perks associated with well-being, like flexible work options and unlimited vacation days, aimed at winning the war for talent. But our survey shows businesses can do more to create a culture of well-being, which goes beyond offering generous programs and focuses on everyday behaviors,” he said.

Other findings:

  • The majority of workers, 59 percent, said co-workers have the greatest impact on happiness in the workplace. Direct managers ranked next at 31 percent.
  • Only 16 percent of respondents say their CEO is very transparent on a professional level and only 10 percent say their CEO is very transparent on a personal level.

About the Workplace Pulse Survey

Deloitte’s Workplace Pulse survey was conducted by KRC Research to understand how employees view work-life balance at their organization. The survey was conducted via an online poll of 1,016 full-time employed adults across generations, in the United States from October 6-12, 2015. Data has been weighted to reflect the demographic composition of the United States per the latest U.S. Census.

Source: Deloitte