Donan, a forensic investigation firm, has expanded its service offerings to include severe weather data analytics with DamageRecon, a Web-based product that enables users to understand what really happened on the ground during a hail event as well as what property damage they should expect.

DamageRecon analyzes data gathered from sources on the ground in the wake of a hail event and uses a proprietary algorithm to determine what size hail fell at any given location within the investigated area. The resulting shape file is called HailTruth.

Users can compare and contrast HailTruth against traditional radar to better understand what happened and what to expect.

DamageRecon isn’t just about hail size and location. The Damage Likelihood layer reveals where damage is likely to occur on three-tab asphalt shingle roofs. Information for other building materials is also available.

Actionable intelligence is delivered via an easy-to-use interface packed with one-click views and customization options. Users can even upload their policies in force and display them as a unique layer on the map.

DamageRecon has two events available for purchase and five BETA events available for free demonstration. Current Donan customers can use their Project Reporting Tool credentials to log in to DamageRecon and will be notified about new deployments.

Source: Donan