In January, it’s customary to pull together review and preview articles—looking back at the past year and looking ahead at what experts predict will shape the insurance industry in the coming 12 months.

On the looking ahead front, this digital edition includes a handful of “What to Expect” articles about predicted rate movements and rating agency segment outlooks, in addition to a planning-ahead guide for leaders, a coverage fix for dealing with inflationary trends, and predictions about what’s ahead for InsurTechs. And in last year’s final full magazine for the fourth quarter, we looked ahead 10 years at the transformations in store for commercial underwriters as AI brings game-changing improvements to daily work activities.

Looking back in this issue, we’re going to break with the tradition of reviewing just the past year. In our lead article, Tony Kuczinski, the former chief executive officer of Munich Re US P&C Companies and of Munich Re US Holding Inc., reflects on his 30 years in corporate leadership position, and offers his thoughts of the keys to leading for the long haul. (Hint: High energy and self-motivation are among them)

“Imagine your ideal legacy. How do you want to be remembered?” he writes.

Carrier Management is also reflecting on its history. While we don’t have three decades under our belts yet, 2023 marks our 10th anniversary. Our content focused on a blend of leadership and insurance information debuted online in February one decade ago.

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What you might notice is that four out of the five are more about leadership than they are about insurance. That’s a satisfying result given our original mission was “to serve today’s leaders and future generations of leaders as the Harvard Business Review of the insurance industry,” modeling our features about managing people and developing leadership styles after the 101-year old business publication.

The idea for Carrier Management, conceived of by our Chairman Mark Wells, set us apart from existing journals in the insurance publishing space in 2013. “Game changers…see opportunities off to the side when everyone else is looking down the same path,” wrote Former Crum & Forster CEO Doug Libby in our most read article of 2013, “Five Key Traits CEOs Look For When Hiring Talent.”

Ten years later, Kuczinski’s words resonate here at Carrier Management too. Leaders “concentrate on mentoring, coaching and developing others into strong (future) leaders,” he wrote in a sentence that echoes the mission the editors and writers of Carrier Management have followed since our early days.

To join us in looking back, read Kuczinski’s article and the most popular articles of 2013-2017 on the magazine page of our website, “Between the Quarters: Looking Ahead and Looking Back, or click on the articles individually listed below.

Join us in looking at forecasts for the year ahead—and strategies to deal with upcoming challenges— on the same magazine page, or by clicking on these articles: