Travels In Time: The Future of Commercial Underwriting

Carrier Management Magazine • Quarter 4 2022 Edition

The theme of this edition, “Travels In Time: The Future of Commercial Underwriting,” introduces content about the use of AI and automation in commercial insurance underwriting.

In addition to intriguing AI-generated art, the pages of this edition describe commercial underwriting transformations at QBE North America, Nationwide and Coterie Insurance, introductions to some of their technology partners at Federato, NeuralMetrics and Planck, and a look into Munich Re’s innovative coverage offerings providing performance guarantees for AI providers. Risk-related updates on the insurability of cyber risk, the implications of social media addiction lawsuits and weather whiplash events are also included.

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Travels in Time: The Future of Commercial Insurance Underwriting


Critiquing Cyber Insurance

Josephine Wolff, associate professor of cybersecurity policy for The Fletcher School at Tufts University, who spoke to Carrier Management about growing gaps in ...


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8 Tips to Help Prevent Quiet Quitting

At least half of the U.S. workforce is "quiet quitting," according to Gallup. These workers are still fulfilling their basic job duties, but they're no longer willing to put in extra (unpaid) hours, ...

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