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When Julian Teicke was a teenager, the lavish events his insurance broker father attended with other successful agents struck him as out of proportion to their essential work helping people. “All that gold and glitter, agents receiving Rolex watches just felt wrong to me; it wasn’t an industry I connected to,” said Teicke.

Executive Summary

Julian Teicke, the CEO of wefox, describes the process of building a leading digital InsurTech in Europe, one innovative idea after another, in an industry he never wanted to join, to Insurance Journalist Russ Banham.

At an age when one ponders what to do in life, he contemplated becoming an entrepreneur, leading an organization that provided technology to better the lives of others. He just wasn’t sure how.

“‘Why not join the business?’ my father suggested at one point, meaning the insurance industry,” Teicke recalled. “‘For sure, I’m not doing that,’ I told him.”

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