Over 25 years leading RMS, and now even more so with my new colleagues at Archipelago, I’ve developed an affinity for the built environment: the hazards and risks of these assets, the imperatives for resiliency, the value of insurance when it’s efficient, and the pain that occurs when it’s not.

Large owners of real assets, whether investors in commercial real estate or corporations with sizable portfolios, are experiencing escalations in their cost of risk. Their premiums are rising, driven by the insurance industry’s response to both catastrophic and attritional losses, and increasing climate-driven volatility is now loaded into the system for years to come. As a result of these trends, many owner-managers are retaining more risk, investing in their own resiliency and taking proactive measures as responsible stewards of their assets. And key stakeholders within these organizations are demanding that “there has got to be a better way” when it comes to accessing insurance that more cost-effectively provides the coverage and solutions that matter.

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