The chief executive officer of Quandl is on a mission to let insurance companies know that their data is valuable and professional investors will pay them for it. But a lot of insurers are oblivious to that fact.

Executive Summary

A data point as simple as the number of auto insurance policies sold in a day is valuable "data in the wilderness" for Wall Street investors looking for indicators to gauge the health of the economy. The CEO of Quandl explains how his company helps insurers make good money by selling the information.

“We’d like to unlock the value of that data by creating a new source of revenues for insurers,” said Tammer Kamel, CEO of Quandl, a Toronto-based data platform that gathers financial, economic and alternative data for investment professionals.

“The revenue insurers can receive for data falls right to their bottom line. There is no cost to the insurance company. It’s just extra money for doing very little,” he said.

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