As I write this, our baby is 16 months old.

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We are all fantastic marketers from the day we're born. Over time, however, some of us slowly lose that innate ability to promote as effectively as we once did, says Wells Media's Julie Tinney, who provides four marketing tips she relearned from her baby, Emma.

Before our precious Emma entered our lives, when I looked at babies, they just always seemed like little drunk people to me. Falling down, being incoherent. But now that I have my own child, I’ve learned that there is purpose in everything children do. She cries for example, not for the sake of crying, but to make us understand that her needs are not being met. She smiles and squeals with joy as she plays with the dogs, and makes new discoveries every hour it seems. At some point, she went from walking like a Weeble to lightening fast running, and just this morning, she climbed up on a chair for the first time.

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