Join us this Wednesday, Nov. 18th at 10 am PDT, 1 pm EDT as we welcome Two Sigma IQ to present “The Future of Underwriting Requires Real Time Risk Insights.” During this webinar, Phil Rosace, a former underwriter, discusses the benefits of automation and data science applied to the underwriting process.

Following a recent webinar planning session, I asked Phil about his experience as an underwriter and how it might have been different with the technology being developed by Two Sigma IQ:

Philip Rosace, Solution Architect

“The technology at our finger tips was very disjointed and not integrated. There were a lot of different systems involved in arriving at an underwriting decision. It was often times difficult to manage all of that chaos. Having a more integrated approach and having the right information delivered to the right underwriter, at the right time would have been immensely valuable to me back then. That’s the type of thing we are working on here at Two Sigma IQ.”

Graeme Dixon, Chief Technology Strategist
Graeme Dixon, Chief Technology Strategist

Phil will present the many benefits underwriters and managers gain through better data and insights including improved risk decision making and efficiency. He will be joined by Graeme Dixon, who will highlight the technical elements of the Two Sigma IQ platform architecture, embedded data science capabilities, and underlying data management foundation.

Reserve your seat today and if you aren’t able to attend, we’ll send you a reminder when the webinar becomes available on demand.