As people navigate the complexities of modern life, they’re confronted with a seemingly endless series of opportunities, responsibilities, and choices. That’s especially true when it comes to insurance. A digital insurance ecosystem mirrors the experience of buying insurance in the real world. Except that it’s fast, simple, and personalized, and available wherever and whenever the customer chooses. Driven by the customer, processes and decisions that once took weeks can be made with confidence in moments. By understanding the customer, the ecosystem presents options for specific people, simplifying complex decisions and empowering them with customized products, and immediate responses to their questions and interests.

With its open architecture and deep insurance functionality, coretech brings together data, services, and business partners to anticipate customers’ needs and desires, and curate the protection of their health, wealth and property all while empowering them with effective and intuitive customer experiences. From the customer’s perspective, the experience is thoughtful, inclusive and anticipatory. Presented with relevant options that are informed by personal preferences, customer history, demographics, and other attributes, customers feel confident and valued as individuals, inspiring loyalty.

To answer the evolving needs of customers, insurers need to be open to new partners, distribution channels, systems, and data sources. And their technology must be flexible and open, and able to support rapid integrations across lines of business to drive innovation now and into the future. With its focus on the customer, the EIS coretech platform provides the deep insurance functionality insurers need to digitize, streamline insurance processes and deliver the frictionless customer experience that inspires loyalty. Behind the scenes, EIS coretech solutions are open, complete, and continuously integrated and delivered. Leveraging the power of Cloud, insurers are able to accelerate development and react fast in the face of change. Coretech solutions from EIS enable insurers to operate like a tech company: fast, simple, agile.

Join us on Tuesday, October 13th at 10 am PDT, 1pm EDT to learn how insurers are implementing the power of the technology behind Netflix, Google and Apple to transform the customer experience. Panelists include David Gagné – VP, Property and Casualty Insurance Systems Modernization and Transformation, Desjardins and Jonathan Silverman: Director – Insurance Industry Solutions WW Financial Services, Microsoft.