Allstate now offers commercial auto coverage to Lift in California, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio and West Virginia. A division of LexisNexis has launched an identity access management product geared toward insurers.


Allstate Insurance Company has started providing commercial auto coverage to Lyft in California, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio and West Virginia.

The policies, managed by Allstate Business Insurance, provide coverage throughout the cycle of a Lyft trip, from when a driver turns on the Lyft driver app, to pick up and trip completion. Riders are automatically protected by Allstate at no additional cost each time they get in the car with Lyft.

Coverages vary by state and during period of engagement and may include bodily injury and property damage liability, uninsured/underinsured motorist liability, and collision and comprehensive coverage, subject to policy terms, conditions and deductibles.

The Allstate commercial auto policies are effective October 1, 2020.


LexisNexis Risk Solutions, a provider of data, analytics and technology for the insurance industry, has launched an identity access management product.

The LexisNexis ID Compass Platform for Insurance combines physical and digital intelligence to help insurance carriers respond to identity risk and reduce friction for consumers seeking insurance quotes and other transactions.

According to the company, its platform is a suite of integrated identity access management products that deliver identity verification and authentication, which can help carriers avoid unnecessary risk and elevate the consumer experience by identifying and fast-tracking genuine consumers while creating more friction for “bad actors”. This helps carriers to make better decisions in their workflow and defend themselves and their customers from cybercriminals and potential fraud.

ID Compass uses LexisNexis proprietary linking technology and the LexID unique identifier to help resolve, match and manage information for a more accurate view of more than 282 million U.S. consumer identities. It also considers 1,500 data-specific and aggregated phone identity sources, and intelligence harnessed from billions of monthly transactions to provide various scores and attributes.

Sources: Allstate, LexisNexis