The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies named Robert Zak, president and CEO of Merchants Mutual Insurance Company, as its new chairman.

NAMIC announced the news on Sept. 23 during its all-virtual 125th Annual Convention.

Zak, who is retiring from Merchants Mutual in early 2021, was named at last year’s NAMIC gathering to chair a search committee charged with replacing Charles Chamness, the NAMIC CEO who is retiring after nearly 2 decades in the position.

A new CEO announcement is expected in 2021, according to a NAMIC spokesperson.

During the next 12 months, Zak will serve as a leading spokesperson for NAMIC when called on to meet with legislators, regulators, and other industry stakeholders. He will also meet with fellow mutual insurance industry professionals and NAMIC members – in person or virtually, depending on the pandemic conditions – during several state association meetings and conventions.

Zak, a 35-year insurance industry veteran, told the virtual NAMIC convention audience his life philosophy, which he hoped would shape his tenure as chairman.

“In order to increase the chances of NAMIC continuing to be successful under my stewardship, I thought it would be helpful for you to understand how I approach things,” Zak said. “I rely on some simple guidelines that have helped me maintain balance and make more sound judgments than poor judgments over the years.”

Zak said he does his best at what he can control, while working to mitigate the adverse impacts of the things he cannot.

Source: NAMIC