Here at Research & Trends, we love survey results that share the aggregated views of insurers, so that we might offer you the most relevant content possible in response to these insights.

This month, I am pleased to share survey results on the topic of claims fraud, offered by FRISS, in their Insurance Fraud Report 2019. Within this 24 page report, carriers provide feedback on:

  • Elements of a Fraud Fighting Culture
  • Growth in Fraud Cases
  • Departments Where Engagement Must be Heightened
  • Metrics of Measurements in Fighting Fraud
  • Current Tools Used to Fight Fraud
  • Challenges Faced Internally to Fight Fraud and Implement Innovative Techniques

and much more…

My personal favorite? The section on Fraud Pools…

“Joining forces would limit fraudsters’ ability to commit opportunistic or organized fraud.”

Download the FRISS Fraud Report 2019 for a very insightful and thoughtfully written analysis of the survey results of your peers.

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