Baron launched a new weather data distribution service. Berkshire Hathaway’s MedPro Group expanded its international facility coverage capabilities for U.S.-domiciled risks. Pioneer Special Risk announced a CPL coverage expansion for specialty contractors.


Weather intelligence provider Baron is offering a new data distribution service. Weather API for Insurance enables easy integration of quality-controlled weather data for advanced notification, monitoring and validation in a variety of insurance applications such as claims management, customer engagement and fraud detection.

The service provides an accurate, Internet-delivered meteorological data stream for turnkey integration into a range of devices and services for consumers, actuarial analysis and claims planning. Baron Pinpoint Alerting enables the ability to send customers advanced custom notifications about weather or other critical information, lowering claims by alerting customers to unsafe conditions.

Additionally, Baron’s archival weather data allows for analysis of historical performance and actuarial modeling. Baron’s Weather API for Insurance provides a global, multiyear, deep archive of more than 65 individual weather data conditions for analysis and verification, including severe storms, hail, lightning, wind and extreme temperatures. The service is customized to each client’s specific needs and can be accessed by weather condition, time frame and location. Business applications for the historical weather data include home, casualty, marine, aviation and automotive insurance.


Berkshire Hathaway’s MedPro Group has announced its participation in the U.S. Jurisdiction medical professional liability facility of The Medical Professional Liability Company Ltd. (The MPLC), joining existing subscribing syndicate Pembroke Managing Agency Limited Syndicate 4000, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ironshore.

Launched in January 2011, the facility offers cover on Lloyd’s paper to U.S. institutions providing clinical services outside the United States. The cover is enhanced with claims handling solutions, clinical governance review and a 24-hour legal helpline delivered by The MPLC.

Maximum limits available for this facility are $15 million for any one claim and $30 million in the annual aggregate.


Pioneer Special Risk has expanded its coverage for specialty contractors by offering the option of including incidental contractors pollution coverage, traditionally required as part of clients’ contractual terms, within the specialty contractor’s primary CGL policy.

Applicable insurance limits for the incidental CPL are included within the $1 million per occurrence/$2 million general aggregate policy limits for the primary CGL.

Pioneer Underwriters, the underwriting group within Minova Insurance Holdings Ltd, launched in April 2011 and trades as both a risk carrier and MGA/MGU with full delegated underwriting authority in more than 120 Lloyd’s class codes. Pioneer operates with the backing of Liberty Syndicate 4472 and has 22 underwriting teams across the property, marine and casualty classes. Pioneer has delegated authority arrangements with 29 markets, TOBA’s with 130 London and overseas brokers, and nationwide distribution capability across the U.S.