CNACNA plans to eliminate its Central zone branch network as a standalone zone and realign it into the property/casualty insurer’s other remaining U.S. market territories.

The Chicago-based insurer explained in a statement issued to Carrier Management that the effort to streamline, slated for this fall, connects to a 2010 decision to align its field structure to be more customer centric. Another factor in play: the decision of Central Zone leader Greg Vezzosi to retire in September.

“Over the past several years, our organization has matured, and Greg Vezzosi’s decision to retire at the end of September provided us an opportunity to reassess how to best manage the branch network,” the CNA statement reads.

CNA said that the realignment of its Central zone into the other five U.S. zones—Northeastern, Northern, Mid-Atlantic, Southern and Western—”maintains our commitment to understanding and addressing geographic difference in the marketplace.”

The insurer added it expects to do so with minimal market and employee disruption, and that the change in management structure “will in no way change or compromise our commitment to a strong branch network represented by teams of underwriters working closely with our producer network.”

It remains unclear how many jobs will be affected by the reorganization. A spokesperson said the insurer could not disclose specifics right now, but noted that any affected employees will get “supplemental unemployment benefits and placement services will be made available to facilitate and ease their transition.”

“While these decisions are always difficult, these are the right actions to ensure the long-term success of the company,” the spokesperson told Carrier Management via email.