Bright Lightbulb With Number 2015In 2015, Carrier Management readers learned more about market trends, how to run their companies better and the tools they need to be better leaders.

There were other features that also drew their interest, including stories about emerging risks that fall under the radar, insurance innovators, how to attract millennials to the industry and reality checks that true leaders must give themselves.

Trends that drew particular attention: market changes among the top workers comp writers, profit deterioration in the commercial lines market and a “perfect storm” brewing in the reinsurance space.

M&A was a major element in the P/C industry during 2015. Faced with the uncertainty that consolidation can create, readers flocked to a feature we ran in July about how to keep top talent after an acquisition.

Our top feature of 2015 focused on Nassim Taleb, the author of “Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable.” Readers wanted to know what he had to say about insurance.

Below, please give another look at our top 10 features of 2015.

  1. What Black Swan Author Nassim Taleb Has to Say About Insurance
  2. 67 Emerging Risks Nobody Is Talking About
  3. Dealing With the Most Difficult People and Conversations at Work
  4. Inside the Minds of Insurance Innovators
  5. Shakeup in Top 10 Workers Comp Writers: 2014 vs. 2009
  6. Industry ‘Groping in Dark’ to Attract Millennials, Duperreault Says
  7. Five Reality Checks True Leaders Must Give Themselves
  8. Commercial Lines Market Headed for Profit Deterioration
  9. Swiss Re Exec Reports: There’s a Perfect Storm Brewing
  10. How to Keep Top Talent After an Acquisition

(Editor’s Note: Our top feature ranking was compiled on Dec. 15, 2015. It does not include reader activity for the last two weeks.)