The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis said hackers successfully attacked the bank last month, redirecting Web traffic but not compromising its website.

Hackers manipulated the bank’s routing settings on April 24 and redirected traffic to rogue websites they created to simulate the Fed’s site, the bank said in a statement on Monday.

The St. Louis Fed’s website itself was not compromised, the bank said.

“As is common with these kinds of DNS (domain name service) attacks, users who were redirected to one of these phony websites may have been unknowingly exposed to vulnerabilities that the hackers may have put there, such as phishing, malware and access to user names and passwords,” the Fed statement said.

Hackers regularly target U.S. government agencies and websites, with cyber attacks reported in recent years at the White House, State Department, the Office of Personnel Management, the United States Postal Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.