AIR Worldwide and FirstBest Systems, provider of insurance software solutions for U.S. and global insurance carriers, have announced a collaboration that will integrate AIR’s catastrophe modeling solution with the FirstBest underwriting management system.

The solution will integrate AIR’s cutting-edge catastrophe modeling and noncatastrophe analytics from its Touchtone platform with FirstBest UMSR, a state-of-the-art underwriting workstation, to incorporate risk analytics in one comprehensive underwriting decision process, according to a statement. For commercial insurers, data such as risk scores, summary reports, loss analysis and marginal impact to portfolio can now be used to make more precise, data/analytics-driven underwriting decisions.

“The AIR/FirstBest integration allows for up-front portfolio analysis and management in real time, and our combined solution facilitates individual account analysis before binding risks,” said John Belizaire, CEO and founder of FirstBest Systems.