Audio summaries of the news were available to Carrier Management readers in two forms this year.

Some of our popular feature articles, such as “Reinsurers Target Regional Carriers as Alternative Capital Lures National Accounts,” carry an “Editor’s Pick Audio” icon, allowing readers to listen to a short summary of the full article.

In addition, we provide bonus information to accompany some of our features through podcast interviews. The top 5 Carrier Management podcasts of the year, based on reader views, are listed below.

  1. Drug-Impaired Driving & Auto Insurance Severity
  2. Philadelphia Insurance CEO Robert O’Leary on Hiring High Achievers
  3. S&P’s Rodney Clark Explains Prospective Capital And Other Financial Risk Profile Rating Factors
  4. Aon Benfield’s Bryon Ehrhart On Investor Demand For Insurance-Linked Securities
  5. Seraina Maag Talks about Business Strategy Tools at XL: Work-Outs and Rapid Results Initiatives

(Editor’s Note: Maag spoke to Carrier Management before she left XL to take a position at AIG. Related article: AIG Hires XL Group’s Maag as CEO of Europe, Middle East)