Carrier Management Q3 2021

Carrier Management Magazine • Quarter 3 2021 Edition

A decade ago, most of us couldn’t have imagined that our phones could detect a car crash, that sensors worn by industrial workers could flag movements that might result in injuries or that an Internet-connected device could alert police to an in-progress armed attack at a specific location.

Those connections (and more) are described in the “Getting Connected” feature of this edition, compiled by Guest Editor Matteo Carbone.

Carbone is passionate about the idea that insurers, harnessing the capabilities of the Internet of Things, will create a safer world. Serving as director of the IoT Insurance Observatory, he works with global insurers and reinsurers to highlight the possibilities of using IoT for real-time risk mitigation and to incentivize changes in risky behaviors.

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Getting Connected


Leadership and Management

Lead From the Front or Lead From the Middle?

Leading from the front or leading from the middle — where is the real power? Like day needs night, Romeo needs Juliet and bacon needs eggs, so do leaders need followers. However, these great ...

8 Tips for Managing Your Time, Yourself

When we bury ourselves in daily work schedules, self-care and self-management activities are often neglected. To help put those back on your agenda, Carrier Management has compiled tips to take ...

How to Navigate Talent Market Headwinds

Many property/casualty insurance companies are finding it very challenging to acquire great talent. There are several key factors that contribute to the headwinds in the talent acquisition market: ...

Risk Alerts


Technology and Analytics

Glimmers of Hope in the Insurer Software Market

In contrast to their direct-to-consumer counterparts, startups developing software for insurance companies have commanded lower valuations and fewer headlines. While some are doing great work in ...

From the Editor

Is a Safer World Possible?

Back in 2011, the publishing company I used to work for hired a new editor. He was the recipient of multiple awards for outstanding journalism, but insurance was a totally new gig for him. As a ...

Getting to Know Church Mutual

Church Mutual is the largest insurer of religious institutions in the country, with a history dating back more than 120 years. The company insures houses of worship, human services organizations, ...