Automated customer service is a fact of life. In fact, many people are more comfortable sharing personal details with a machine than with a human. But automation must appreciate that not every customer is a 40-year-old college graduate, with two kids, earning $100,000.

Also, automated customer service needs to work 24/7 and be able to communicate with a diverse customer base, including international customers or non-English-speaking customers such as small businesses owned by immigrant families.

According to Aamer Ghaffer, co-founder and chief strategy officer for Chicago-based Kordinator, the most effective automation not only understands multiple languages but is also sensitive to diversity, slang, dialects, customs and cultural details. Even more, it shows empathy for customers and picks up on cues if they are getting upset and could use a human to jump in.

“Commonly, we see small business operators. They may run a garage, or they may have a restaurant. Those are the folks that are buying small commercial lines, P/C insurance,” Ghaffer said.

Watch the interview with Kordinator’s Ghaffer by Wells Media’s Andy Simpson from the 2018 Insuretech Connect Conference.