Miami, FL, June 30, 2020 –Insurance Companies Can Save Millions in Licensing Program. WrapRoof™ secured 20 U.S. patent claims in a revolutionary upgrade to blue tarps, becoming the only patented shrink wrap system in the U.S. for protecting damaged commercial and residential roofs. The company has now launched a nationwide first-of-its-kind licensee program for insurance companies that can save them millions of dollars and add value to their shareholders and policy holders.

The WrapRoof™ licensing program allows insurance companies to provide the ultimate product and service to their customers, the necessary time to determine the right course of action for each permanent replacement, and secures commercial properties so that business can operate with a fully operational roof while the insurance company is deciding what to do. Insurance companies that license with WrapRoof™ can save money, limit liability, and secure volume rates. Since insurance companies often prefer working with vendors already in their vendor programs, we are now training and licensing qualified existing preferred vendors at insurance company requests.

The WrapRoof™ system has a one-year warranty and it is the most effective and safer way to protect roofs damaged by hurricanes, tornadoes or any destructive force, so homes can be dry and ventilated before insurance adjusters file damage assessments and until roofing contractors can install new roofs. It is easy to inspect and easy to remove. The solution is available in all states through our owned resources and licensed partners.

WrapRoof™ material is made of recyclable low-density polyethylene film with fire retardant capabilities and UV polymers. The plastic is semi-transparent, and the system is fully vented to prevent mold growth. The material is installed without sandbags and without adding any holes into the roof system. It’s easy to remove, fully recyclable and does not add any further damage to the existing roof system. It welds the film together to create a continuous impermeable membrane, which makes it possible for the roofing contractor to easily cut the membrane and heat-weld it back together for insurance inspections, without voiding the warranty.

If you are an insurance that would like to learn more about how the WrapRoof™ system can benefit your operations, please contact Larry Bond at

About WrapRoof™
WrapRoof™ is the inventor of the most effective, and only U.S. -patented, shrink wrap roofing solution available. Its state-of-the-art product and service is available nationwide, for both residential and commercial properties. We provide our clients the highest quality of product and exceptional service – available for all types of roofs.

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